JForex to JForex copy tool

With the tool you are able to copy all your orders and positions between different JForex platforms. It works with Demo and Live accounts. On request, the tool can be adjusted to copy trades to any MT4 broker, Oanda or ZuluTrade.

The tool consists of two files: Parent.jfx and Child.jfx. You start Parent (signal distributor) which you want to copy orders from, whereas Child (signal receiver) on the account where orders are supposed to be copied on. You can start multiple Parents and multiple Children on multiple machines and accounts.


Following events are handled by the tool:

  • Market Order Fill
  • Limit Order Fill
  • Stop Limit Order Fill
  • Change of Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Step
  • Position Close
  • Positions Merge

Position size is always is the same in terms of ratio of (original position amount) to (equity). For example:

  • Parent equity 100.000 USD
  • Child equity 30.000 USD

Parent goes long 1 Million on EURUSD. The ratio is equal to 10 (1M/100.000). Therefore Child will open a position which size will be equal to 300.000 (10*30.000) (ratio * equity).

Easy to use

The tool is very easy to use for both, Parent (signal distributor) and Child (Signal receiver).

On Parent machine the only setting is the Port Number where the Parent will be sending signals to.

On Child machine you can specify 3 parameters:

  • Hostname or IP: it is an address of Parent (Signal distributor) machine in form of hostname or IP.
  • Port Number: it is the Parent’s port number where the signals are sent to.
  • Slippage: describes maximum slippage Child will accept, comparing to original trade’s open price.

Child configuration window

Parent configuration window


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