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smartFX Trader

Exceptional tool designed for JForex platform which makes implementing money management rules easy. smartFX Trader automatically calculates risk of capital and position size. Its wide range of features let you focus on making the best trading decisions.

One Click Pro

User friendly and intuitive one-click widget which adds itself to every open chart of JForex Platform. It allows you to place trades efficiently on fast and volatile market or practice your skills on historical data in TEST mode.

Trade Manager

This JForex add-on is a convenient way to observe, modify or close your trades or whole positions at once. It makes positions management as easy as possible.

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JForex to JForex copy tool - click to enlarge

JForex to JForex Copy Tool

This tool is able to copy orders and positions between different JForex platforms. It works with Demo and Live accounts. On request, the tool can be adjusted to copy trades to any MT4 broker, Oanda or ZuluTrade.

The tool consists of two files: CopyTool-Parent.jfx and CopyTool-Child.jfx. You start Parent (signal distributor) which you want to copy orders from, whereas Child (signal receiver) on the account where orders are supposed to be copied on. You can start multiple Parents and multiple Children on multiple machines and accounts.

Chart Synchronizer - FREE

The plugin synchronizes technial analysis lines between charts of different time frames.

For example:
Open 2 EUR/USD charts, one with 10-minute, the other with 15-minute timeframe. Draw a short line on 10-minute chart. The line will be automatically created on 15-minute chart. Move of the line on one chart moves the line in real-time on other charts. The lines are always synchronized.

Currently the plugin supports synchronization of following charts objects:

  • Short line
  • Long line

Turbo Lines - FREE

This JForex plugin lets you change Stop Loss and Take Profit quickly and directly on the chart.

Features of the Turbo Lines plugin:

  • Ability to change stop loss and take profit levels directly on the chart by move of Stop Loss and Take Profit lines;
  • Real-time visualization of profits and losses including turn around commission;
  • Now available as a plugin, automatic load on start-up.

Please turn off original platform Stop orders visualization before activating the plugin.